Complete Deliveries of Technological Parts of Projects

Within its core business (waste water treatment plants, sludge management, waterwork facilities and biogas plants), K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. provides complete deliveries of technological and, working with selected civil suppliers, also civil parts of projects.

For investment units in other subjects, K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. is ready to provide deliveries and installation of those operational systems or their parts that relate to its core production and supplier programme.

K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. has many years of experience both in the construction of new and modernization and reconstruction of existing plants. To complete deliveries, the Group works with selected and verified suppliers of machines, equipment, valves and materials to achieve the high quality of the supplied operational units, systems and their parts.

The Group provides complete deliveries, installation and commissioning predominantly through its own experienced employees, whereby assuring the high quality of the implemented investment units and their parts.