Biogas Plants

K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. is the leading producer and supplier of municipal, agricultural and industrial plants for biogas generation and power utilization.

Generation and power utilization of biogas from various organic waste and raw materials has become a successful business sphere recently.

Not only cattle and pig manure but also plant waste, grass, corn silage, animal waste, meat and bone meal and their mixtures can be used to generate biogas. This technology will increasingly be used to process biodegradable waste (BDW).

K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. offers complete services in biogas plants such as designing, construction, commissioning and subsequent operation consultancy.

The many years of experience in designing, construction and operation of biogas technologies are a great advantage of K&K TECHNOLOGY a.s. and the guarantee of successful implementation of your investment plans.

A calculator to estimate biogas plant output for agriculture sector, download the calculator here.

BIOGAS TECHNOLOGY a.s., the subsidiary of the K&K Group, is also focused on the issue of biogas plants. For more detailed information on the technological process, designing, preparation and implementation of especially agricultural biogas plants see